Life and power – 100 years (английски език)

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Юбилейно издание по случай 100 години „Сила и Живот“ – английски език

Celebrating 100 Years of Petar Danov’s “Life and Power” Sunday Lectures


Th book contains: „Behold the man“, „Grain of wheat“

The year 1914 marked the beginning of an important event in the history of the Bulgarian nation: it is when the spiritual teacher Beinsa Duno – Petar Danov began to give his Sunday lectures. Their publication started a year later, in 1915, and this series of books was entitled “Power and Life”. The Word presented in the lectures was gradually awakening the aspiration toward perfection instilled in every human soul. Thus the archetypal image of the Word itself was revealed in the Sunday lectures as moral purity and passionate appeal toward search of the Sublime…

Now, a hundred years after the delivery of the first Sunday lecture “Behold the Man”, the comprehension and application of this priceless treasure of spiritual knowledge given in the Universal unified language – the Language of the Spirit, continues to grow. The Spirit manifested in various forms in the different historical periods of  human development is still announcing the Universal values of brotherhood and sisterhood, freedom and love, cooperation, tolerance and respect.


Miroslav Bachev

Sofia, 2014

ISBN: 978-954-744-245-0

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